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Why Battery Energy Storage System Business?

Battery storage technologies are essential to speeding up the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy. Battery storage systems will play an increasingly pivotal role between green energy supplies and responding to electricity demands. Our battery energy storage system can be deployed in individual consumers home or business. The installation of battery energy storage systems for small, Medium and Large utilities. Due to the growing market of consumer electronics and demand of lithium ion batteries are the most popular battery storage option today and control more than 90% of global grid battery system. The increasing demand for a reliable and efficient supply of electricity in most regions and the growing need for renewable energy. We are focusing on urban and rural areas and deployed battery energy storage system in individual consumer home and offices.


The founder and CTO is a full time entrepreneur and a Mechanical Engineer typically responsible for setting the mission and vision and takes this startup from an idea to an entity. He has a experience in field of IOT (Internet Of Things), Product Design and Product Development, Logistics, Kaizen, Manufacturing process and Business development.

During technical education, Completed internship major and minor projects in a companies like Tata Motors and Indian Railways (RCF).The skills i learned during my internship are

1) Communication.

2) Interpersonal.

3) Collaboration.

4) Time Management.

5) Adaptability.

6) Critical Thinking.

7) Research And Analysis.

8) Technical Proficiency.

I worked small to medium level companies to learn the business skills and these business skills are beneficial in startup business and i think the most important business skills to learn will depend on your role in a company.


Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi is one of the top public best global technical university located in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India. IIT BHU has been ranked 13 by NIRF Engineering category in 2022.

The E Cell of Indian Institute Of Technology BHU is a institute body and run by the students of IIT BHU and proudly organize the annual flagship event to showcase your entrepreneur skills.

The final round of startup pitching and product demonstration to the panel of venture capitalist at IIT BHU campus.